Happy Wintering!

We’re now closed until March 3rd with the exemption of 2 days.  Mark January 21st & February 18th on your calendar & drop by!  Complimentary Wine & Cider Tasting will be available. Our online store is open 24/7 with free delivery within Ontario when you order a case of 12.  Cheers!

20th Anniversary for Archibald’s Winery

Come help us celebrate our 20th Anniversary with the Winery on June 25th from 1 – 3!

                                                               Fred and Sandy invite you!

In the beginning…

50 years ago, the Archibald family purchased this property, ideal for growing apples.  The initial plan was to just sell wholesale.  The tree type of the time was semi-dwarf & number of varieties was around 8.  However, in 1983 a hail storm with a silver lining helped us decide to try “Pick Your Own” apples.  We loved it!  The opportunity to meet the people eating the fruit that we grew was so rewarding.  Pick Your Own was here to stay.

Orchard management – growing, picking & selling the apples kept us busy for quite a few years.  However, a hobby of Fred’s – making apple wine – was to become an important part of Archibald Orchards.  It took about 12 years of experimenting with “outside the bottle” apple wines before we decided to take the plunge & open our winery.  The initial wine list was quite short with only 8 wines.  A few of them are still on the list.  Spiced Winter Apple – our “apple pie in a glass” – has won many awards.  Also, Ida Red Oak Aged (Sandy’s long-time favourite) & McIntosh have been around since the very beginning.  The present day wine list boasts around 15 different wines & we also have 5 ciders.  There’s something for everyone.  As we always say – wine is all about time, place, mood & food!

20 years later, we are still standing & passionate about all that we do here. It’s time to celebrate this milestone with family, friends, customers… people that we’ve met along the way.  Please join us on Sunday, June 25th from 1 – 3, for food & wine.  Cale Crowe will be here to provide us with some great music.  What an amazing local musician!

Come help us celebrate!  Format is “drop in & casual”.  Rsvp’s are appreciated.  Email:  archibalds@idirect.com

20th Anniversary Invite