We are open Weekdays from 10 to 5 & Weekends from 9 to 5 for apple picking (WEATHER PERMITTING), complimentary wine/cider tasting & shopping. Last cars in the orchard at 4:30. And we will be open the entire Thanksgiving Weekend! There’s no admission fee. Just a minimum purchase of 1/2 bushel per car. Here’s more information on our Pick Your Own. Sorry, no pets!

Our online store is open 24/7 with free delivery within Ontario when you order a case of 12.


Pick Your Own Apples

children eating pick your own apples

Pick Your Own Apples (PYO) Weekdays from 10 -5; Weekends from 9 – 5. Last cars in the orchard at 4:30. Sorry but no pets!

Established in 1983, our orchard is easy picking and includes over 10,000 trees and 13 different varieties.

Our system is different!  It’s “Drive in”!  When you arrive, you remain in your car & check in at our Welcome Booth.  Families & people with physical challenges really like this system.  For safety reasons, you must drive your car into the orchard.  You can do lots of walking once you’re parked!

There’s no admission fee.  Just a minimum purchase of 1/2 bushel (20 lb.) per car – $45.00.  You can pick many varieties to fill your bag! For information on varieties, please check Types of Apples & Availability for the complete list

Upon arrival, you will drive to our “Check in Booth” where you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff.  They will tell you which apples are ready for picking that day.  You are given a sheet with varieties and row numbers marked so that you can easily find the apples of choice once you are in the orchard.

The last step before entering the orchard is to pay for one 1/2 bushel of pick your own apples – any variety.  You are given a bag to pick into & you are ready to go pick!

In the orchard, you will see our orchard monitors, ready to help you with parking and finding the apples that you’re looking for.  They’ll have extra bags just in case you decide that you need more than 1 bag.  Once you’ve finished picking, you’ll follow the one way route to the “Check out Booth”.  Please open your trunk for checking out.  If you’ve picked more than 1 bag, you will then pay for the other bags that you’ve filled.


  • Stay in your car to enter orchard
  • No pets
  • Minimum purchase of (1/2 bushel) 20 lb bag per car.  Cost is $45.00 payable upon entry.
  • Bags are provided
  • Debit, credit & cash are accepted
  • Hours:  Weekends – 9 am – 4:30 pm; Weekdays 10 – 4:30 pm

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Apple Season.  We hope that you are able to come out to enjoy it!