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Our Story

Fred and Sandy Archibald at Archibald's Estate Winery in Bowmanville

Apple farming is not for everyone but for Fred and Sandy it is the perfect fit!  The connection to the land, being one’s own boss, knowing that every year is different/a gamble… these all fed their enthusiasm in the beginning as well as today.

The orchard was planted by the Archibald family in 1968.  Fred and Sandy took over in 1981 and opened up to the public with Pick Your Own apples in 1983.  At this time the “building” was a tent in the orchard manned by Sandy and their 2 young daughters.

They’ve seen lots of changes since then but the heart of the business remains the same – growing great tasting apples and sharing the joy of the apple season with the community!  The season runs from early September to mid October.

Wine making was one of Fred’s hobbies away back when.  He began experimenting with something he had lots of – apples!  With Sandy as his trusted wine taster, Fred perfected his apple wine recipes and opened Archibald Orchards & Estate Winery in 1997.  There were 8 wines on the original Wine List which now boasts some 20, ranging from very dry to sweet dessert types.  Check out our Wine List and our Cider List!

In order to break through preconceived ideas that fruit wines are not real wines & that they’re all sweet, Fred and Sandy offered complimentary tasting.  Complimentary tasting is still the standard at Archibald’s because – a.  It’s fun to try something new!  b.  We love seeing the look on your face when you have found your new favourite!

The Archibalds look forward to seeing you soon!