The Winemaker

WinemakerFred Archibald is the grower & the wine maker at Archibald Orchards & Estate Winery. After 10 years of wine making “for the fun of it”, his hobby became an important aspect of the family business.

Growing up in Niagara’s fruit belt & eating a lot of fruit certainly influenced his concept of what he thought fruit wine should taste like – “like the fruit it is made from”.

Fred in the OrchardMaking wine actually started right in the home! Fred’s Dad, the late Dr. John Archibald, was once the Director of the Horticultural Research Station in Vineland where wine making research was an important part of the Horticultural Products Research Laboratory. Before coming to the Station, Fred’s Dad was a Chemist with Brights Wines. This wine connection certainly inspired many “home brews”. Some, his Dad knew about and some, he didn’t!

In June 1997, Fred & Sandy opened the doors to Archibald Orchards & Estate Winery with 8 selections on their wine list. Today there are 20 selections to choose from ranging from very dry to dessert “ice wine types”.

The winery celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in June 2017 . Regardless of the time span, Fred’s passion for creating new wines is stronger than ever. If you are lucky enough to catch him at the tasting bar, you’ll see what we mean!