We are open Weekdays from 10 to 5 & Weekends from 9 to 5 for apple picking (WEATHER PERMITTING), complimentary wine/cider tasting & shopping. Last cars in the orchard at 4:30. And we will be open the entire Thanksgiving Weekend! There’s no admission fee. Just a minimum purchase of 1/2 bushel per car. Here’s more information on our Pick Your Own. Sorry, no pets!

Our online store is open 24/7 with free delivery within Ontario when you order a case of 12.


Wine List

BlackDry & Extra Dry – No perceived or distinct sweetness

Name  Price
Ida Red Oak Aged $13.95
BLACK (Black Cherries & Currants) $19.95
McIntosh $13.95
Hard Core – Dry cider $ 11.95


Medium – slight sweetness perceivedoff drywines

Name  Price
Canadian Kiwi – New batch.  A little sweeter! $15.95
Apple Raspberry – almost out! $15.95
Apple Black Currant $15.95
Apple Cranberry $16.95
Ruby (Strawberry & Rhubarb)   Sold out!
PINK (Sparkling Cranberry with a splash of Apple) $12.95
Hard Cider $11.95
Hard Currant $ 12.95
Hard Raspberry $12.95


Sweet – Distinctively sweet

Name  Price
Sweet Peach $14.95
Cherries ‘n Chocolate-It’s back! $14.95
Royal Raspberry $19.95
Canadian Maple $19.95
Spiced Winter Apple $19.95

Totally Different

Nightcap – “0” residual sugar.  18% alcohol.  The finale to a great day – $14.95.  Enjoyed on its own or with a splash of Spiced Winter Apple!

Other Products

  • Non-alcohol Sparkling Ciders – $7.50 for Apple & $8.50 for other blends
  • (Apple; Apple Cranberry; Apple Raspberry; Apple Black Currant)

All Prices subject to change without notice!