We are open Weekdays from 10 to 5 & Weekends from 9 to 5 for apple picking (WEATHER PERMITTING), complimentary wine/cider tasting & shopping. Last cars in the orchard at 4:30. And we will be open the entire Thanksgiving Weekend! There’s no admission fee. Just a minimum purchase of 1/2 bushel per car. Here’s more information on our Pick Your Own. Sorry, no pets!

Our online store is open 24/7 with free delivery within Ontario when you order a case of 12.


Apples Need Space

Apples need “social distance” too!

Even apples need to maintain personal space! Six inches between apples on the same branch is the rule of thumb. Pollination was very good this spring.  Too good in some varieties.  So, our big job in the orchard right now is thinning down the crop on many varieties.  By removing the extra ones, it allows the remaining apples to reach their full potential in size & taste.  We still need Mother Nature to give us good growing conditions.  We’ve had more than enough sunshine.  It’s time for some rain please!

The top job in the winery right now is getting wine & cider inventory ready for our busy season – the fall.  Fred’s been busy getting the fruit that we don’t grow ourselves – like strawberries & cherries. Raspberries & black currants will be next on the harvest list.  How lucky we are to be living in Ontario with all this fresh fruit!

Hard Ciders

Summer Time is Cider Time!

Speaking of fall, we will be open for Pick Your Own Apples!

When we will open for picking will be posted as we get closer to Labour Day, the usual time.  However, it will depend on the growing season & maturity of the varieties.  Picking will probably look a little different this year.  Our system of driving into the orchard, numbered rows, one way, parking on the right, orchard monitors, etc… are all great for setting the stage to keep everyone safe.  We’re gathering information on how the strawberry growers handled their pick your own season.  We’ll also be reaching out to our local health department for advice.  Bottom line – we will keep you posted!

Business hours & protocol right now!

We’re presently open Friday to Sunday from 10 – 5, 4 people at a time in the winery. Masks are required.  There is no tasting at this time.

We are still doing curb side service for those who prefer it.  And for a limited time, we are still offering Free Delivery when you order 4 or more bottles on wine and/or Hard Cider on line.

That’s it for now – except to say “Thanks so much for your support” & “Stay well”!