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Bottling Ciders

We’ve been crazy busy trying to get our Ciders back on the shelf.  As many of you know, our Ciders are carbonated (bubbly) as opposed to the Wines which are still.  There’s a two step process for getting bubbles into the cider.  First, the cider is filtered into a special tank that we affectionately call Bubbles.  This tank is then “charged” for approximately 24 hours with CO2.  Next, the cider is fed into the actual bottling line that runs CO2 through it as well.  It’s a very canktankerous machine with several gauges that need to be monitored very closely at start, as well as all through the bottling.  Once the balance with all of the guages has been reached, the bottles can be capped – one by one.  For a sneak peak of Fred in action, check out this video!

We’re happy to report that Hard Core & Hard Cherry are back.  AND we’re very excited that our newest cider – Hard Ginger – will be available very soon.  Stay tuned!