Our Honey Bee Orchard Blossom Walk is this Saturday & Sunday!

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No blossoms yet

Well… it’s the Victoria Day Weekend.

We’ll be hosting our annual Honey Bee Orchard Blossom Walk on Saturday, May 18th with Farmer Fred & Billy Bumblebee.  Tours start at 10 a.m. with the last tour at 3 p.m.

Local beekeepers, Petra & Martin will be here to share their knowledge about bees & caring for them.  They’ll also have a range of their honey to purchase.

Local potter, Rosemary Jenkins will be here with her beautiful clay creations.  It’s a perfect time to get something special for someone – including yourself!

We’ll be offering complimentary wine tasting.  The children’s play area will be open & refreshments will be available to purchase.

However, there’s one thing missing – Apple Blossoms!

In the history of this 50+ year old orchard, we can’t remember a Victoria Day Weekend without at least some bloom showing.  Thanks – or should I say – no thanks to the cold, wet spring weather, the apple trees have pushed very little growth.  It’s going to be a week later than expected. So, we’re hosting another tour on Sunday, May 26th from 10 – 3 to see the blossoms.  Unfortunately, the beekeepers & potter won’t be here.  So, if you want to chat with them, come out on Saturday, May 18th.  You can always come out the following Sunday for photo ops!  Ahhh… the life of a farmer.  Ever changing conditions!