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Time to reflect

What’s happening is the #1 question right now, isn’t it.  The latest virus has put life into a chaotic tail spin.  We may feel everything from fear & anxiety to anger & annoyance.  But perhaps we could also feel grateful.  Grateful for having the time to reflect on just what’s most important in life – time with loved ones.  Time for simple pleasures like watching a movie together… making a special dinner… looking over family photos…

Ok.  This is not exactly how many families pictured spending their March Break.  However, once we let go of the illusion that we really do have control over our lives, there is a feeling of calm/peace.  The quote “This too will pass” comes to mind.  According to Wikipedia the phrase “reflects on the temporary nature, or ephemerality, of the human condition.”

March Open for tasting

Here at Archibald’s, we continue to be open Friday to Sunday from 10 – 5.  And yes, we still offer wine & cider tasting.  Precautions to keep everyone safe are always followed.  Sorry but no handshakes or hugs for now.  Maybe an elbow?  Come see us if you are one of the lucky ones who is feeling well.

One more quote “Keep Calm and Carry On”.  Thanks Erin O’Toole for sharing this great quote from the British during WWII.

Cheers to better days ahead everyone!  Fred, Sandy & Jess