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Tree planting

We’re planting more trees this spring!  500 McIntosh went into the ground yesterday, just in time for Earth Day today.

There’s a reason for planting more of this apple varietal.  Many of our wines & ciders are made using McIntosh juice.  Our dry McIntosh Wine & all of the Hard Ciders have some McIntosh in them.  For blends like Apple Raspberry, Apple Black Currant & Apple Cranberry the “Apple” part of the name is referring to McIntosh.  The juice has a distinct, fresh flavour with a nice acidity.  It stands well on its own.  It also enhances any other fruit that its paired with.  We’re proud of our Ontario McIntosh!

The other reason that we are planting more of this variety is that the “Old Macs” are on their last leg.  They were planted some 52 years ago!  The trees have served us well but their time is coming to an end.

To gain a little insight into planting apple trees & viewing the old trees, check out our video.  Fyi, every hole is dug by hand, either by Fred or Jess.  Ever since Fred was a kid, he loved to dig holes.  Somethings never change!