What’s Happening

20th Anniversary for Archibald’s Winery

Come help us celebrate our 20th Anniversary with the Winery on June 25th from 1 – 3! In the beginning… 50 years ago, the Archibald family purchased this property, ideal for growing apples.  The initial plan was to just sell wholesale.  The tree type of the time was semi-dwarf &

Spring onto A Country Path – June 10 & 11

We invite you to take this self guided tour down “A Country Path”.  Farmers, Herbalist, Potter, Miller, Beekeepers, Cider & Wine Makers and a one of a kind B & B all within a short drive from each other. Visit eight unique agricultural & rural businesses to hear our stories,

Honey Bee Orchard Blossom Walk

Honey Bee Orchard Blossom Walk – May 20th – 10 – 4

BRING YOUR CAMERAS!  Join Farmer Fred & “Betty Bee” on a narrated orchard walk.  Learn why bees are so important during apple blossom.  Tours are on the hour starting at 10, with the last tour at 3.  Refreshments – our fresh cut fries & Honey Buns from Krumbs Breadery –

What’s happening at Archibald’s!

We’ve been jammin’ & jellin’!  Beck has created a bunch of unique preserves using our wines & cider.  Apple Jelly, Peach Wine & Jalapeno Peach Wine Jam, Ruby Wine Jame, Apple Peach Chutney & Maple Spread are on the shelf.  Many other yummy products are in the experimental stage.  We’re