What’s Happening

Fred tasting Ambrosia

Last chance to pick

The 2018 harvest is almost over. Sunday, October 14th will be the last day for picking.  Varieties available are:  Ambrosia, Empire, Red Delicious, Ida Red & Cortland. We will continue to be open until Christmas Eve with hours of Tuesday to Sunday from 10 – 5.  Come visit us &

Hailey in the orchard

Apple events this weekend

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Apple Season!  And we have so many varieties available this weekend – September 29th & 30th. Never picked apples here before?  It’s really easy!  You drive to the check in booth where you are given a sheet of paper with the

Vince and Johnny

Fall Apple Harvest Driving Tour

Come take the Fall Apple Harvest Driving Tour!  September 29th & 30th from 10 – 4 Savour the sights, sounds and smells of the fall & apple season!  From apple and pumpkin picking to tasting ciders and apple wines, you will get a taste of the fall harvest.  Visit a

Apple picking starts soon!

Getting hungry for apples?  We hope so! When are we going to open?  That’s the #1 question of the 2018 growing season.  The good news is that we have a great crop!  And yes, that includes the ever popular Honey Crisp.  It’s their “on” year, unlike last year. We finally

Step inside - Welcome from behind Archibald Antique Doors

Step Inside Tour

We invite you to come Step Inside!  This is a one of a kind tour where farmers, beekeepers, millers & wine makers will show you the behind the scenes operations.  Ever wonder how a heritage mill works?  Want to see how farmers rotate cattle in the fields?  Are bees really

Fred bottling cider

Bottling Ciders

We’ve been crazy busy trying to get our Ciders back on the shelf.  As many of you know, our Ciders are carbonated (bubbly) as opposed to the Wines which are still.  There’s a two step process for getting bubbles into the cider.  First, the cider is filtered into a special

Winter Pruning

It’s March & it’s time to prune the trees!  The goal is to basically give your tree a “Christmas Tree” shape.  That way the upper limbs will be shorter than the lower limbs & not block the necessary sunlight.  Here’s a “felfie” – farmer taking a selfie – video with

Christmas Lights on the Winery

Stay Calm & Capture Special Moments!

What’s happening at Archibald’s?  Santa’s elves have been busy building baskets.  We’ve still got a great selection for every taste & every budget. The elves have also been busy stocking the shelves with Holiday Wines & Ciders.  Our Hard Cider is the #1 choice to serve with appetizers.  What goes

Market Christmas Tree

Christmas in Clarington Country

Now that the apple harvest is over, we are thinking about the upcoming Holidays.  Getting together with family & friends… food & wine… gift giving…   It’s the most wonderful time of the year – other than apple season, of course. Time to get into the Holiday Spirit! We invite you

Empty orchard with rainbow

Last Day for Apple Picking – October 6th

It’s hard to believe that the 2017 apple harvest has come to an end.  It was a great crop over-all.  The Honey Crisp – being bi-annual – were down this year which means there will be lots next year. The weather for picking was amazing!  Only 1 partly rainy day