Happy Wintering!

We’re now closed until March 3rd with the exemption of 2 days.  Mark January 21st & February 18th on your calendar & drop by!  Complimentary Wine & Cider Tasting will be available. Our online store is open 24/7 with free delivery within Ontario when you order a case of 12.  Cheers!

Types of Apples & Availability

Apple Trees loaded with apples

Pick-Your-Own is closed for the season.  Here is what we have ready picked in store:

Apple Variety Available
Silken Finished
Paula Red Finished
Gala Finished
McIntosh Finished
Honey Crisp Finished
Cortland Finished
Empire Finished
Red Delicious Finished
Mutsu Finished
Macoun Finished
Ida Red Finished
Ambrosia Finished
Wild Pink Finished